Python Regular Expressions

This is a short course, should be pretty quick and easy to complete. However, it assumes that you have basic Python skills

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Introducing you the Python REGEX course!


Why this couse?

Python + Regex? Many of you do not find this combination easy, which partly happens because of the Python’s relatively obfuscated regex documentation too! In this course, to make your life easy, I have used some real-world examples.

Course Goals

Teach you how to use the Python regular expressions (re) module and relevant functions by creating easy to read doco and running interactive examples; Educate you to deal with projects with real world data examples (e.g., pdf and web scraping and so on!); and Challenge you with learning tasks and quizzes


Read and Learn Interactively

The course is also presented as an interactive version. The best part of the interactive version is — it allowed me to insert video tutorial + code playground + images, all in one lesson!

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Python Regular Expressions – Video Lectures


Learn Python Regular Expressions with Data Scraping Projects

A beginner friendly course for learning Python + REGEX!

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