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Learn to Use HPC Systems – Video Course

Supercomputers and HPC clusters

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Learn to Use HPC Systems – Video Course

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Learn to Use HPC Systems – Video Course


About this course

Welcome to my High Performance Computing (HPC) systems course. I compiled here a total of one university semester worth of knowledge into an 1.5 hours long video course, and hence, it’s a high-level overview which is the I way how designed this course.ย The goal main of this course is to introduce you with the HPC systems and its software stack. This course has been specially designed to enable you to utilize parallel & distributed programming and computing resources to accelerate the solution of a complex problem with the help of HPC systems and Supercomputers. You can then use your knowledge in Machine learning, Deep learning, Data Sciences, Big data and so on.

From this course you will learn overviews of:

  • Learn about Supercomputing
  • Components of a HPC system
  • SLURM -Workload Manager
  • PBS – Portable Batch System
  • Parallel programming – OpenMP and MPIย 
  • Parallel programming – GPU and CUDA

This awesome course is a component of the Learn Scientific Computing project.

How to get the course?

You can buy the course via the button, it will appear in your Gumroad account’s dashboard > libraryย  section.


  • This course will soon be available as an eBook.


Team - Learn Scientific Programming


Can I just enroll in a single course? I'm not interested in the entire Specialization?

Yes, you can!

What is the refund policy?

Full refund available for the paid courses.

What background knowledge is necessary?

Basic Linux knowledge.

Do i need to take the courses in a specific order?

No, however this course is a core component of the ‘Learn Scientific Programming‘ initiative.


Learn to Use HPC Systems and Supercomputers video course.

Supercomputers and HPC clusters 0/3


Let's get introduced with the HPC systems and Supercomputers

2 videos, 1 reading
1:26 minutes