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Ahmed Arefin

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Ahmed Arefin

Founder - Learn Scientific Programming

Computation Scientist - Scientific Computing Expert - Instructor @ Scientific Programming School

Hello! This is my story.

Ahmed Arefin, PhD is an enthusiastic computer programmer with more than a decade of well-rounded computational experience. Following his PhD (Computer Science) and Postdoc (Parallel Data Mining) research he’s moved forward to become a Scientific Computing professional keeping his research interests on, in the area of parallel, distributed and accelerated computing. He loves to code, research, write and teach. In his day job, he pets a few of the worldโ€™s fastest supercomputers at a large Australian agency for scientific research.

My Education

University of Newcastle, AU

PhD in Computer Science

Macquarie University, Sydney

PGCert Higher Education in Teaching & Learning

My Experience


IT/ HPC Advisor

University of Southern Queensland

HPC Specialist

University of Newcastle

HPC & Data - Postdoc