Learn Data @ Bash Shell

A simple course demonstrate the use of Bash shell in processing real-world data sets

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Proejct 1: University Ranking Data

In this project, using a dataset called ‘US News Universities Rankings 2017’ we will explore different features and learn Bash shell’s head, cut, grep and so on.

Project 2: Facebook Data

The goal of this project is to find the most vibrant status message on a FB page, with just one Bash command (learn Bash functions and more).

Project 3: AU Crime Data

In this project, mining a historical dataset provided by the AFP we will find different stats on crimes per Australian city (awk, sort, and so on)

Project 4: Text mining

In this project, we will use containing plays and poems stats from the Shakespeare-era and find Shakespeare’s most freq words. Learn awk, Bash functions, and so on !

Tutorials: Bash, awk, regex and so on

If you haven’t used Bash before, don’t worry! The tutorial section will introduce with bash scripting, regular expressions, AWK, sed, grep and so on.

Beyond the text files

Finally, it gives you a concise beginner friendly guide to the big data landscape including an overview of the critical Big Data tools such as HDFS, MapReduce, etc.

Learn Data @ Bash – How the course is organized?

You can also Read and Learn Bash Interactively!

The course is also presented as an interactive version. The best part of the interactive version is — it allowed me to insert video tutorial + code playground + images, all in one lesson!

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