Learn to Use HPC Systems and Supercomputers

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This course will help you to utilize High Performance Computing (HPC) systems at your institution

Learn about Supercomputing

A Little bit of Supercomputing history, Supercomputing examples, Supercomputers vs. HPC clusters, HPC clusters computers Benefits of using cluster computing.

Components of a HPC system

Components of a High Performance Systems (HPC) cluster, Properties of Login node(s), Compute node(s), Master node(s), Storage node(s), HPC networks and so on.

PBS – Portable Batch System

Introduction to PBS, PBS basic commands, PBS `qsub`, PBS `qstat`, PBS `qdel` command, PBS `qalter`, PBS job states, PBS variables, PBS interactive jobs, PBS arrays, PBS Matlatb example

SLURM -Workload Manager

Introduction to Slurm, Slurm commands, A simple Slurm job, Slurm distrbuted MPI and GPU jobs, Slurm multi-threaded OpenMP jobs, Slurm interactive jobs, Slurm array jobs, Slurm job dependencies.

Parallel programming – OpenMP and MPI

OpenMP basics, Open MP – clauses, worksharing constructs, OpenMP- Hello world!, reduction and parallel `for-loop`, section parallelization, vector addition, MPI – hello world!, send/ receive and `ping-pong`

Parallel programming – GPU and CUDA

Finally, it gives you a concise beginner friendly guide to the GPUs – graphics processing units, GPU Programming – CUDA, CUDA – hello world and so on!

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Learn to Use HPC Systems and Supercomputers

Utilize parallel and distributed programming and computing to accelerate the solution of a complex problem with the help of HPC systems.

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