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Python Regular Expressions – PDF

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This book will help you to become an expert in Python REGEX and learn to explore real-world large data sets.


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Python + Regex?

Many of you do not find this combination easy, which partly happens because of the Python’s obfuscated regex documentation too! In this course, to make your life easy, I have used some real-world examples. The goals are: –

  • Teach you how to use the Python regular expressions (re) module and relevant functions by running interactive examples;
  • Educate you to deal with projects with real world data examples (e.g., pdf and web scraping);
  • Challenge you with coding exercises and quizzes; and
  • Beginner friendly video lectures to explain the basic REGEX concepts.

This is book should be pretty quick and easy to complete. However, it assumes that you have basic Python skills (see the other Python courses on this platform). This course should get you going with Python Regex in less than 30mins. This course is a core component of the ‘Learn Scientific Programming’ project.ย Don’t forget to get the video edition too!

Also available at

  • Udemyย (video lectures) and
  • Educativeย (videos with code play grounds)

About the author

Ahmed Arefin

Ahmed Arefin, PhD is an enthusiastic computer programmer with more than a decade of well-rounded computational experience. Following his PhD (Computer Science) and Postdoc (Parallel Data Mining) research heโ€™s moved forward to become a Scientific Computing professional keeping his research interests on, in the area of parallel, distributed and accelerated computing. He loves to code, research, write and teach.

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